Changes to the Business Services Training Package

So, what will the changes to the Business Services Training Package mean for 2021 and beyond?????  The Business Services Training Package (BSB) has gone through some significant developments with the launch of new qualifications and units taking place on the 18 October 2020.  There are a number of qualifications that have been deemed either ‘equivalent’ or ‘non-equivalent’.  This has implications for both Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and their learners.  For RTOs like Aspire who have a significant number of qualifications on their scope of registration from the BSB Training Package,  the next 12 months will see a significant investment (both time and $$) in moving all our existing qualifications to the new updated ones. For learners, who are part way through their studies, they will have until April 2022 to complete their existing qualifications.  For new learners, once Aspire has the new qualifications on scope, they will be able to enrol as normal.  Our challenge, like so many RTOs, will be to ensure a smooth transition for our clients!!